Sunday Suffer, by @mstafford
19.0 km
50 minutes
March 11, 2019

Went for another ride on the indoor trainer. Struggled through getting Golden Cheetah set up and working on my laptop, only to have the file not save -- turns out I tried saving a file without setting a location for it to live. It rapidly disappeared into the aether after that.

Enough about my woes and worries though

I lowered the seat on my bike by almost 4cm today, I think. Riding a 62cm frame, apparently, is not what some people would call "getting off to a great start" for someone that is 6'0". I felt significantly better on the bike today, and even managed to ride for the entirety of the SufferFest - The Rookie video. 50 minutes of agony.

Nobody knows how to suffer like you.

Today got me sweating like I was made out of ice. I guess which I "technically" finished this video -- I didn't really finish strong... I faded in the last 15 minutes in the 3rd race and just kinda tried to stick at 95rpm in a low gear.

Got GoldenCheetah set up and should be working well for next time though. Just assumed a distance for now -- probably a bit low, but I'd rather not get my hopes up and get crushed next time when I compare.

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