Coffee, Kettle Bells and Cats, by
5.095 km
28 minutes
March 9, 2019

Even though we are looking towards another race in a few weeks, its nice to have the training sessions toned down a little.

Even though Ironman is over, I will be keeping my volume a little high over the coming weeks as I want to keep improving my ride for next seasons triathlons(Can't believe I am already looking at next Summers races). I have been reading the book Anatomy of Runners which talks a lot about building a stable core and making sure your form is 100% correct for your running. I haven't actually finished to the book yet myself and Kirsty are looking to incorporate more strength training into our training. We are not looking to kill ourselves or build up muscle bulk, but we have seen a lot of benefit, especially at longer distance races, in making sure you have extra strength behind you.

So after a 5km run, a quick stop to get a coffee from our favorite local cafe, and then bring in some Kettle Bell strength training to our weekly volume.

Its great to be running without any rain, as it has finally cleared in Auckland and hope the next few weekends stay that way.

For more details on my run, feel free to checkout Strava

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