Park Run Washed Out, by
6.118 km
28 minutes
March 8, 2019

I Write This As I Wait For A Fridge To Be Delivered

I've been waiting nearly 3 days for my fridge to be delivered, but that's a different story, while living without a fridge for the week has not been a struggle, dealing with incompetent delivery people who where supposed to have delivered my fridge 3 days ago, has been.

Anyway, I was hoping to fulfill my new years resolution this morning, which is to start attending Saturday morning Park Run, about 6km from where we live. I am not sure why its been such a struggle to get there, but I was really looking forward to it this morning. With a clear weather prediction, I was planning to get up at 7am, ride my bike to the run, have a 5km run and then go for a small ride home afterwards. The clear weather, turned into rain for most of the morning, which is something I had riding in, and I am sure, I would have hated running in.

It was easy to get out of the house for a bit as I was told that I would get a warning phone call about my fridge delivery 30 minutes before they arrived. Come to think of it, they probably turned up and didn't worry about calling. So I took my phone with me on my run to make sure I didn't miss the call. No calls, but did get my run in, and only got wet for the final kilometer when the rain started up again.

I leave my New Years Resolution to next Saturday, and hopefully will have my fridge delivered soon.

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Waiting around for delivery people is the worst!

Cool to hear that you're starting to check out the Park Run where you are. @harryp3 has been attending a fair amount over in his part of the world. I just did a bit of googling and found that there's one over here too -- and it's pretty close to where I live! I might have to start checkin' it out. Be a nice motivator, and probably a good way to rope up some other people into EXHAUST.