24 mins Elliptical/Gorilla Bow w16 w/o1c, by @mackmck
0.111 km
24 minutes
March 8, 2019

It’s snowing again! This is unprecedented for the Pacific Northwest. I was able to do my Gorilla Bow workout and follow that with 24 minutes on my Spirit xe295 elliptical machine. Since I I Today’s Gorilla Bow workout using Dr John Jaquish’s week 16 workout 1c.

Two advanced functions I have now incorporated are: Holds at the long range of motion. This is meant to fatigue my muscles before I begin the motions. Finishing with more repetitions at the short range of motion. This is where the least resistance is so I am able to push out a few more repetitions there.

Gorilla Bow 390 lbs on Bow Week 16 workout 1c -Chest Press 12x390 hold 45 seconds then 5 second holds diminishing range of motion to near fatigue. 25 in short range -Overhead Press 4x60 hold 20 seconds then 5 second holds diminishing range of motion to fatigue. 3 more in short range -Squats 15x60 hold to 45 then 5 second holds to  fatigue. 10 more in short range. -Split Squats 0x60 5 second holds to  fatigue -Tricep push down 7x390 hold 45 seconds then 5 second holds diminishing range of motion to near fatigue. 10 more in short range

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Hey! I created a new team on an app called Charity Miles. They have sponsors who pay 10 cents per mile for cycling and 25 cents per mile for walking or running to the charity you select. I selected Wounded Warrior Project. My team is @Christians_Care. We now have 21 members on our team and have donated over 6000 miles. I invite you to join me.

I give my YouTube vlogs the main title of "Fitness Over 60." It is my goal to build a community of like minded riders whose purpose is to get and stay active and fit into their senior years. At 60, I see myself as just entering those years. I am not as fit as I would like to be, but neither am I trying to become a superstar athlete. I am becoming more fit all the time with: -Regular cycling, -Elliptical exercises -Frequent resistance training (#mygorillabow, @gorillabow) and -Ketogenic/Intermittent Fast eating are the main elements to my fitness plan.

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