End of Summer Biking, by @santigs
33.688 km
175 minutes
Sept. 14, 2020

Today I went out after a few days not riding as I had been very busy last two weeks. We have had some heavy rains past week and you can feel the summer is ending. I took a know route but while going up, I decided to explore a different path, I ended meeting the old path a few Km later. When reaching the highest point, you cross this field wich is usually dry during the summer after they harvest. Today it had a beautiful green color and I could not stand to take a photo with the bike there. On the way down due to the rain, you could see some fruits from strawberry trees in the ground. This is an area where they grow wild and in a couple of weeks, you can see them all over with their yellow and red fruits. I also stopped to shoot a fern known by the common name black spleenwort with all its sori ready to be thrown to the air to spread the speci.

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