31 Miles, by @wwwiebe
49.501 km
130 minutes
Sept. 6, 2020

I decided today to ride half the distance of the "64 mile" ride I have planned in early October. Am I glad that I did! I wasn't quite as prepared for it as I thought that I was. Feeling good right now though!

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Great achievement for the day! My ocd tendencies would never allow to not round it up to 50km 😅 A nice full number, but I think you were tracking in miles and that's why or maybe it's a fixed route.


Ahhahaaha! What's funny is that I was actually riding around just a little longer to do that, but I got caught behind a car doing only about 5kmh and I didn't want my average speed to tank, so I turned Strava off. 😂

Thanks for the compliment and stopping by!