September Run, by @rmsadkri
5.419 km
25 minutes
Sept. 5, 2020

Keep running is the mantra @toofasteddie likes to give to other runner. It sounds simple but it is not. You have to a strong desire, motivation and determination to keep running. Distractions come and go. There are many other gazillion things to do that will scream to not let you run. If you mange to keep running even after these distractions, then you are the runner.

I am not that runner by the way. I am easily distracted and that shows on the running pattern for the month of August. I only had 12 active days in the whole month. I hope September is more disciplined. The weather outside was really nice. It was bit on the chilly side but enough to freshen up your morning dilemma. I wanted to run early in the morning as that will free up the whole afternoon to other stuff.

The pace was better than the other days. That's because I rested twice during the run to catch breathe. And, that is also the reason I ran faster than other days and manged to set my personal record on Strava. Another weekend 5K run and I am happy with this. Let's hope I can continue the September running streak.

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Hahhahaha! thanks for the mention. Write down a running plan consisting on 3 runs a week at least, stick to the plan...make always time available for running. It helps.


I know how to resurrect the sleeping giant :P No, I had a plan of running at least 15kms a week with three running days. I am usually good at sticking with that plan. But, August was an outlier where I gave myself more freedom after than 10K. I need to get back on track with my planning and implementation.