🏃 My Running Log | 02/03 | Post-Parkrun Jog, by @harryp3
5.434 km
29 minutes
March 2, 2019

As I said in my Parkrun upload, immediately after finishing and getting my barcode scanned, I headed off for another run.

Nothing too extreme, just an easy jog around a ~5km loop to up the mileage. Sort of a punishment for having one too many drinks last night, but also to do some work on my running form - it's amazing how easily you can cut time off of your PBs by just running more efficiently. I'm tempted to do another long run tomorrow, but if my legs don't feel up to it or the weather isn't great, then I'll delay it until Monday.

Getting quite anxious that Norwich Half Marathon is only 5 weeks away, and Southampton Marathon 9 weeks away tomorrow. I need to start piling the miles on and suffering - the more I suffer in the lead up to both, the less I'll have to suffer on the actual days.

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