Hotel Yoga, by @mstafford
0.0 km
15 minutes
March 1, 2019

Spending the next few mights in a hotel for a work related course. Trying to make the best of it, but it's always a bit difficult. It's a bit chillier over here in Edmonton, but it's a beautiful blue-sky day, which is a nicw change of pace.

A short 15 minute stretch, working through some sun salutations has me feeling a bit better. Planes are so uncomfortable -- and my neck always hurts a bit after sitting in one spot for 90 minutes without moving.

Gonna try to squeeze on a longer session tonight. We'll see if I can manage to dodge the various booze related social activities happening over the next two nights.

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It can be fun to explore hotels at night. Especially larger ones. Load up on free hotel coffee and get lost for a while! Easier to dodge the booze.


Ooooo I might have a bit of a late night wander in my near future.

Thanks for the tip!