Morning Ride, by @wwwiebe
18.775 km
49 minutes
Sept. 2, 2020

Yay, I finally got out again! It was overcast today, which was actually really nice, since it kept the sun from beating down on me. I love the summer, but don't like the heat that comes with it; it's a conundrum.

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Nice time. To increase my endurance for playing volleyball I used to bike from time to time as alternative to running, because my knees couldn't handle that.

I might use EXHAUST once this whole not going outside thing fizzles out. As the only activity I have now are bodyweight exercises and walking in the yard/vegetable garden.


I do need to try and get on to EXHAUST a bit more often, had some syncing issues with Strava last week when I wanted to log a few monster hikes! Well done on the cycle ride!


Thanks! I'm aiming for another 64 mile ride in October. That'll be quite the difference from my standard 14 mile lunch ride!