Windy Sunday Morning Ride, by
25.389 km
63 minutes
Feb. 23, 2019

The Auckland Summer seems to keep going and even though it has been a little windy lately I am still really enjoying it. I'm still used to Melbourne Summer where February is usually the hottest month of the year and it gets cooler from March onward.

Today was more a matter of getting out onto the road and making sure we are comfortable on our bikes. It was good to get out on a windy day as well. I would usually bail if it was a longer ride and I was faced with a strong wind like this, but as we were only out for about an hour, it was good to get out and smash ourselves in the stronger headwinds.

Another good ride and hopefully more good preparation for this weekend.

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Did you at least to ride back with a tailwind? Or were you pushing into it the whole time?

Fired up to do some cycling and get my legs used to it soon here.


Yeah, got the tail wind heading back and loved it.