🏃 My Running Log | Andover Parkrun | 23/02, by @harryp3
4.97 km
20 minutes
Feb. 23, 2019

Everything just seemed to click this morning at Parkrun. Not only did I set a Course PB at Andover Parkrun, I absolutely smashed my last PB (20:38) and finished with a time of 20:15 - I told myself yesterday I was going to push myself, but when it came to actually running this morning I didn't feel as if I was pushing myself; It actually felt quite easy, my improvement has been amazing over the past 2 months! I shocked myself how fast I had run 4.5km and wished I had worked out how close I was going to be with a longer still to win - the final 400m or so was flat out at ~ 3:30m/km.

The course we ran was a little weird and the same as last week. It was also a little chilly and still very muddy, I'm confident that if I replicated my effort at Norwich Parkrun that I would have ran sub-20 minutes. Next week is going to be a real suffer-fest to convert it. If I can break the sub-20 goal as soon as possible, I can divert my attention to Norwich Half-Marathon in April and Southampton Marathon in May.

The 'Motto' I've been running by over the past 2 months is:

'The Pain you feel today, is the Strength you have for tomorrow!

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Every day is a good day when you run. Kevin Nelson