Steady Tempo Evening 5K Run, by @ervin-lemark
5.951 km
32 minutes
Feb. 21, 2019

This is what a steady tempo short run looks like these evenings. It was a busy working week and I didn't have much will this afternoon to go out and push it. Yet, at 8 pm I did go out just to have an easy around 5K run. To move the legs.

It turned out to be not so easy tempo run after all. All the runs of the last months are beginning to show that the strength and a reasonable speed is showing up even without special training.

Ps: when you look closely at the map image you can see that the start and finish icons are not at the same place. It's the transfer bug again at work. One of these days I will have to fill in a proper bug report with Amazfit support.

Better and better

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