Morning by my Simulated Fire, by @mstafford
0.0 km
20 minutes
Feb. 21, 2019

Short, self led practice this morning. I woke up feeling pretty tight in my spine, which isn't unusual for myself. Especially considering that the dogs believe it's okay to sleep on top of me because they're sneaky enough to not wake me up.

Regardless of the cause of the tightness, the stretch felt great -- definitely needed it. Only a couple days away from my first snowboarding session in about 3 years, soI'm going to need to activate some dormant muscles.

Other than that, I'm just here welcoming another day. Namaste.

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Do you telegram? Is there a way to private message here? Apologies for the non-relevant post, but you've been so supportive and helpful. I'm so sorry, but ran out of STEEM and am trying to find out how much I need to fund my account so I can keep going.


Congrats on the practice, by the way. I like that your knees are slightly bent, as that protects your joints. Happy Snow boarding.


I don't use telegram, actually -- but have been meaning to check it out. I do however, hang out in a Discord server that I use to chat w/ people about my @exhaust project.

If you use Discord -- you can find me in this channel here (the link should work). There are also a wide variety of other Steem communities that have discord servers -- so it might not be a bad idea to try it out.

I'm so sorry, but ran out of STEEM and am trying to find out how much I need to fund my account so I can keep going.

This happens to many new users that don't have much in terms of SteemPower. For now -- I've delegated (essentially, let you borrow) 30 SP so you can interact. If you ever want to check out some numbers related to your account, a couple good resources are or (each have their pros and cons). If you check out -- you'll be able to see the amount of transactions you can make with your current level of SteemPower:

| | | |-|-| |image.png|image.png| |Prior to delegating SP|After Delegating SP|

The relatively new Resource Credits system has made it difficult for new accounts to interact with high-frequency (if I recall correctly, this system is only a few months old now) -- this is in an effort to get users to purchase some Steem and PowerUp, as well as (trying to) prevent spam bots.

You can see, generally, what your "RC Recharge Rate" is, and get a sense of how much you can interact. let me know if you have any questions. Pop into the Discord Server if you wanna chat w/o spending some resource credits.

Hope this helps!


Hahaha! Niiiice. Hope you feel better now! I did yoga today too. Damn it....hehe, I will write tomorrow about it🤣now I am toooo tired 😴 Hugs and resteeemed


Ah yes I feel great! Always wakes the body up nicely!