Bikes and planes, by @santigs
23.884 km
179 minutes
Aug. 7, 2020

Today was a very interesting ride. Rida and walk! as I had to carry my bike to my shoulder for 1,5km as the terrain was not cyclable. I knew it was gonna be a tough ride but did not expect to have to walk for so long. For once I am posting a picture of me carrying the bike :( I took a ride to La Morella, it is a hill where there is this huge white "balloon" you see in the picture. That is the radar planes use to show you flight route in your entertainment screen when you fly over town. I also had a chance to ride over the top of what used to be a huge trash deposit for the city during many years. Luckely it closed long ago, and they have been reconditioning the mountain since then. I guess they are creating an artificial reservoir at the top to have water in case of a fire.

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