Rašica Hill, by @ervin-lemark
12.774 km
98 minutes
Feb. 16, 2019

Morning run toward and to the top of the Rašica hill. I choose the approach on the left ridge where I took several opportunities to prolong the run and make it a bit steeper.

After the obligatory visit to the top of the hill and the climb up the tower, I took the easiest road back home, through the Magpie's valley.

Running diary

I think I will follow this pattern for some time now: - first part uphill, easy with stops for taking photos, - second part going down and back home without stops and at a decent pace

Photos and images 1. a view from the top of Rašica towards Šmarna gora 2. map and lap times; laps 7 and 8 were on the top 3. altitude graph shows well the duality of the run

This was running streak run number 140.

Better and better

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Wow. A run that lasted for more than 1 hour