Breaking in the new bike, by @wwwiebe
14.303 km
39 minutes
Aug. 3, 2020

I picked up a new road bike yesterday - a Miyata 18 speed - and spent my morning ride today breaking it in. My other bike is a mountain bike that I put road tires on. I'm going to put trail tires back on it for trail riding, but I've discovered that I'm riding on roads so much that a bike designed more for distance would be nice.

It was my first outing on it. It felt good, but will take some adjustments on my part and some adjustments to the bike. First, I still need to get used to a change in location of gear shifting. That's on me. Modifications to the bike will include new handle grips (see the picture of my hand), a new seat (with cushioning - it currently feels like I'm sitting on a brick), as well as adjusting the seat location. I might get new pedals for it, too; I'm unsure yet.

Soon I'll need to start to gather some accessories for it!

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