Short Commute to Work, by @mstafford
1.301 km
4 minutes
July 30, 2020

Decided to ride the bike into the office today. Sometimes I forget how short my commute is.

Maybe I'll go for a longer ride at lunchtime.

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I wish I could commute in under 5 minutes! Hope work is going well. Stay safe


Haha yeah it's definitely nice! But sometimes, it also means that I can just pop in to the office in the evenings or weekends because it's so close, if I can't stop thinking about work.

Work is going well enough -- maybe a bit too busy during the nice summer weather we're having though.

Hope all is well with you! Cheers!


That's a short commute but you cannot beat my 15 minutes walk to the office.👏😀


Living close to work has its perks!