ate Afternoon Run Into Magpie's Valley And Back, by @ervin-lemark
6.615 km
37 minutes
Feb. 13, 2019

This afternoon I was toying with an idea to run a 10K run again. For the fourth time in as many days. It was perfectly doable. Then I decided that a shorter run down the Magpie's Valley will suffice.

Why? For two reasons. I wanted to run off the asphalt roads and Magpie's Valley is the obvious choice for the relatively flat tarmac run. Second; I didn't spend much time with my family in the last two days. So I wanted to save some time with a shorter run to make this up.

Nevertheless, it was a fulfilling run. I did it in the darkness and without the headlamp. In fact, I did have it on my head. Yet, I didn't switch it on. With the moonlight sufficiently illuminating the track, I was anticipating the holes, drenches and other assorted obstacles and efficiently navigated around them. With night vision and memory :)

As you can see from the segments image, the pace was quite good for the run in the dark.

I owe you an apology for not posting all my runs with the @exhaust project. The day only has so many hours, my runs are usually in the wee hours and I don't take myself time, these 15 minutes, to do a proper post. I spend too much time behind the computer anyways. And I don't sleep enough. So ...

Keep on running, my friends.

Better and better

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Every day is a good day when you run. Kevin Nelson