Cheating On My Long Run, by
14.745 km
84 minutes
Feb. 12, 2019

I know I shouldn't be annoyed that Strava doesn't log my full run, but I am clearly a lot more precious of my Strava runs that I think I am. It seems that every second week my long run for the week has the last 1.5km of the run deducted. Strava just doesn't like it, maybe they don't like the satellite I am using.

As well, no I am not really cheating, but my weekly long run will usually have me running with leg weights to help me push my body further but with only about 18 days till Ironman I thought it was time to make things a little easier for myself as I am looking forward to easing up on my training.

It was a warm morning, so it was nice to not have the leg weights pulling me down. I still had my back pack on which slows me a little but I was happy to be a good couple of minutes under my 90 minute goal.

For more details on my run, feel free to checkout Strava

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Hmmm... Looks like Exhaust chopped off a bit too, then? I wonder what might be going on. I'll dig into it and see if i can't find the missing distance....


Hang on, its not exhaust I download the GPX file from Strava and its not happy with what I upload from Amazfit, so don't waste any time on it. Like I said, I recon it is something silly like a change in satellite or like that . Regards


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