🏃 My Running Log | 05/02, by @harryp3
6.095 km
29 minutes
Feb. 5, 2019

I'm still suffering pretty badly with flu and I wasn't even close to feeling 100% before or during this run. I felt quite lightheaded before it, and ordinarily I probably would've opted to stay inside and rest up, but I have some ambitious targets and I really want to smash them!

I had wanted to do a hard tempo effort (maybe 4:20m/km-ish), but that went out the window when I realised I was still struggling a lot; my breathing was completely off and the effort I put in wasn't being replicated in a good pace. I did the second kilometre in 4:16m/km, stopped for a minute or two to cough up some phlegm and then decided to take it easy for the next 4km. Overall it wasn't drastically bad, but it felt like I was nowhere near my best. It's annoying that I've managed to become ill just as I'm wanting to up the intensity of my training blocks, but I guess it's just life.

I'll go for another run on Thursday - probably about 14/15km or so at an easy endurance pace that should be comfortable even if I haven't shaken the flu by then. If I'm feeling better, I'll incorporate a couple of 3km-long surges where I run pretty much flat out, sandwiched into my endurance effort.

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