🏃 My Running Log | 31/01, by @harryp3
7.136 km
35 minutes
Jan. 31, 2019

Today's run was simply brilliant. I felt horrible, it was -4°C and I could see barely 5m in front of me with how thick the fog was! The weather certainly didn't make my run brilliant, nor did I set a new PB; what was brilliant was that I didn't care how I felt, I was happy to be out in the freezing temperatures putting one foot in front of the other whizzing through the streets of Norwich. Probably the first run in a couple of weeks that I've actually felt so happy to be able to exert myself to the extent I do, doing something that many would think is a pointless exercise - but I love it!

In terms of the actual effort, I wanted to do a faster one and test my legs with ~ 8km of distance. I've figured that since 7km is about a third of a Half-Marathon, an 85% effort accross 7km can easily replicated 2 times more at 90+% in a race. The first couple of kilometres were great, but then I started to feel a little worse for wear and definitely could've done with another trip to the loo before I set off. I ploughed on even though I was in a little bit of pain, and managed to avoid doing a Paula Radcliffe in public. My Fitbit Ionic didn't agree with the weather and fog, and about 60% of the run was predicted pace and predicted GPS.

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