Another 5 miles then back to work, by @lloyddavis
8.376 km
55 minutes
June 22, 2020

I ran 8.53km with #runzi ! Duration:00:56:33 pace:6:37 steps:8564 cadence:151 impact:294

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Taking 5 miles for granted shows how far you have come.

I looked up Runzi and see it's all about cadence. That is not something I think too much about. Maybe I should.


Thanks, I did get runzi to help balance my cadence between legs - I was working much harder on one side than the other. It has a metronome too which I used for a while to get a bit more regular with my pace but now only occasionally. The main thing I like at the moment is that it speaks stats out loud as you complete splits (time- or distance-based). So today I had an announcement every kilometre with the pace for that km and the average pace overall. It gives me a little boost every five or six minutes to know that I haven't let my pace go too much and often that I've covered more distance than expected.


Toastie out there today?


it is now, but at 8am it was about 13/14C so very comfortable in the shady bits.