Pretzel Power, by @mstafford
21 minutes
Jan. 29, 2019

This should have happened yesterday -- but it didn't. So I did it today.

Despite being a day late -- this was a good practice. I was pretty tuckered out yesterday after running, so I"m glad I got to take it easy afterwards. Not that this session was difficult -- though it had some moments. Some good one-legged squat action, planks, and movements in through down-dog were definitely made as difficult as like them to bed -- which is my favorite part about yoga. Each day can be as difficult or as easy as you'd like, depending how you leverage your body.

That being said, there was quite a bit of time with legs crossed and folded forward -- and being on the gentlemanlier side of things, it wasn't the most comfortable way I could have stretched my IT-band.

Regardless -- back on track, and ready for a second session shortly. Next one looks like it's going to be tougher -- glad I got warmed up.

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