New Activity Title - Run, Forest, Run, by @irisworld
15.0 km
116 minutes
June 19, 2020

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You have uploaded 12 running activities, and 4 of them have been of similar distances (within 10 percent)! Here are your 5-fastest running activities of a similar distance:

Over these 4 similar activities, you have travelled approximately 59.00 kms at an average pace of roughly 2:49 min/km! Your latest run was at a pace of approximately 7.778min/km! Looks like you went a bit slower this time! Remember that it's important to take some rest days, and do some rehab / prehab / strength and conditioning training too! If you weren't intending to go slower, take a moment to listen to your body, and see if you need something. Check in with yourself!


Dear member of HIVE,

Some whales had asked me to stop with the many messages as they had written to @pfunk to tell him to support me and stop destroying the account. I have stuck to it and stopped. He has now sent out more downvotes and from now on the goal is to comment on every post published on HIVE. We have about 300 HIVE accounts that can be used alternately and will create new accounts daily.

I'm sorry for the automated comments. But we're not being given another opportunity to point out our problem.

For the time being, this news will only be published for one hour, should the proceedings against us be stopped and the donations replaced, we will stop. Otherwise this message will be placed under every post published on HIVE via hundreds of accounts.

Are you sure you really want to post here?

For example, we have a small account here that belongs to a social club in Germany. Donations were collected here, and every month a few dollars were collected.

But since ONE person - the witness at HIVE called @Pfunk (a witness is actually someone who is supposed to represent the members) has problems with the founder of the social organisation, he makes sure that all donations are deducted from the small account. Others who are also in favour of the account are also penalised, and all income is also taken away.

If you publish here, make sure that you only publish what is of benefit to the owners of the assets on HIVE. You must never express your own opinion or criticize someone who is a witness or owner of power.

You will soon find out that you only earn a few cents here. Others, however, sometimes enrich themselves extremely. Look around, you'll soon find that some people get 2 or even 3-digit $ sums for small contributions, but you don't even get 50 cents.

Now that the account has become basically unusable for us, we have made it our mission to inform all new members about what to expect here in the block chain.

There is no way to fight against the rulers of HIVE. One can only inform others and especially new members.

If you want to see how they take away donations for the association, you can see this here

If you ever want to find out what this is all about, you can do that:

and of power-and-love-the-hive-witnesses radio or abuse of power-and-love-the-hive-witnesses radio

As soon as the downvotes on our account stop and the destroyed donations have been replaced, these comments will be discontinued.

If this action doesn't work, we will comment on less than 1000 newly published articles with this text every day.

Unfortunately we have no other possibility to take action against such behaviour. If you really should stay here you will soon realize that there is no other way to fight injustice than with many messages.

Anyone who has problems with a witness on HIVE I am happy to give the program that automatically distributes hundreds or even thousands of comments.

We will delete this comment if you wish. However, this may take a few hours. Add a comment "Delete comment"

In the last 10 hours the downvotes were over $100. Consider, if love, not hate, were to decide for some, how much good could be done.