Bikes and Freedom, by @santigs
16.526 km
61 minutes
June 17, 2020

Some of the days, when I decide to go uphill, I reach this bbq area where people can reach with the car through an unpaved path. From there, the path gets much more steeper and no cars are allowed. I am free to decide which area of the hills I want to take for the ride, the nice point is that no matter which path I choose, I always enjoy it. This freedom is the same I feel when engaging with any crypto-related project.

When biking I have plenty of time to go over some of the stuff I am trying to launch in the crypto space. In a way, I act as always, overcoming problems whenever I face them. To me, in a way, mountain biking is very similar to the way I proceed with business issues. While on the bike, when I reach a point I can not move forward. I approach it slowly thinking the best way to proceed, trying to see if there are shortcuts I can take, if I am not able to go over it from the top of the bike, I just put my feet in the ground and carry the bicycle with my arms to move forward, cross the obstacle and keep riding. Now, as I am trying to build BeYourself with my team, we keep facing issues all the time From companies that do not believe in our proposal and ambassadors which do not see the benefits of joining, to technical issues we have to overcome. As when riding the bike, we just try to move forward using a shortcut, and if there is no shortcut, we just jump over the issue to move ahead no matter what. As we do, we feel the project keeps growing little by little and we just enjoy being part of it.

Have a great day!

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