🏃 My Running Log | 25/01 | 3.95km, by @harryp3
4.003 km
17 minutes
Jan. 25, 2019

Back to running after a couple of days rest after my practice Half-Marathon. I felt great and the weather was a little warmer today so I didn't have to wear any thermals! Today's effort was just a small one, but I wanted to work on my speed.

I managed to set some PRs for 2019, with the best estimated 2 mile effort (13:28) & 1 mile effort (6:23), as well as the third best 1k effort (3:45). I'm definitely getting faster and if I keep at it, my body will get more and more used to running at better paces and it'll be far easier. Tomorrow is Parkrun day and if I can reproduce the effort I did today with just a little bit extra, I should be on track for a nice improvement on my time last week!

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