Yoga Day 23 - Running / Squash Recovery, by @mstafford
20 minutes
Jan. 25, 2019

Day 23! One more week to go, and then I'm at the finish line. Exciting to think about -- but it has actually been pretty easy (save for a few unscheduled visits to the pub) to commit to a daily practice. I went running earlier today, and felt pretty strong the whole time -- and I think it has a lot to do with setting a bit more intention towards being mindful of my breath (all the stretching and maintenance work can't hurt either).

The theme of todays session was Joy.

In this 20 minute practice we explore Sukha, or ease, dissecting what it means to find joy on the mat. Breathe deep, layer on the good stuff today and Find What Feels Good.

I really appreciated a 'joyful' practice today, and was thankful to keep things light today. I played squash with @danagsimpsonn after work, and I'm feeling pretty beat. Time to head into the shower -- I can tell I'm salty, because the dogs wont leave me alone.

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