Day 22! Steady, y'all!, by @mstafford
0.0 km
22 minutes
Jan. 24, 2019

Last nights Day 22 session of Yoga with Adriene. This session was a bit more intense, so I'm glad I warmed up with the Day 21 session beforehand.

Today’s 22 minute strength building yoga session brings our attention to the principle of Sthira, or stability. Can you move in a way that is strong and alert without pushing, forcing or creating tension? Condition the body and the mind to cultivate steadiness without tension and to build strength without pain.

Lots of time in this one was spent in plank pose, half-way lift with a focus on maintaining a state of no tension, and side planks. The side planks really started to get me shaking after a little while -- I think it has been quite some time before I did some extended side planks.

Great workout. Much stretch.

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That's hockey, not yoga. Goof.


WHooooooa now. Shots fired.

If you want to get nit-picky about it (which you TYPICALLY do...) -- I'm not visible in the photo performing yoga either....

That would have created a "If you're there doing yoga, then WHO'S TAKING THE PHOTO!?!?" kind of situation, that I'd prefer to avoid.


More strength ahead