Day 20 of Yoga -- and my First Bitcoin Purchase (other than gambling), by @mstafford
20 minutes
Jan. 22, 2019

Another nice session of yoga last night. It was a bit of a late start though -- I didn't get onto the mat until about 8:30PM -- after I was done making some tweaks to Caity's website.

A strong 20 minute Vinyasa yoga practice to help you lean away from mental chatter and to help you trust your instincts.

I'm really starting to be able to get my head into it a bit better these last few days, and tune out some of the background noise in the house (my dog Roadie is practically a terrorist when he gets hungry, and wont stop making noise -- he likes to do this when I take any time for myself).

The yoga was great -- Huge fan of warrior and triangle pose, and all the different variations. I feel like they really do help me ground through my feet and feel a full-body sort of strength. The standard plank->cobra->downward dog is also one of my favorite vinyasas (still not certain if I'm using that word correctly) -- and that flow was one of the main sequences today.

10 days to go!

On a tangential note -- I officially made my first bitcoin / crypto purchase today. Traded some of the Steem I have for some bitcoin, and then used that to renew @caitycats domain name for the website that I'm overhauling. Took a little bit of time to realize that I needed to install BitPay on my phone (afterwards, I realized that there WAS support for my Blockchain wallet, and I just had to click through... fml...).

Regardless -- I'm excited to look for more opportunities to pay w/ crypto.

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