Finally Uphill, by @santigs
10.769 km
51 minutes
May 25, 2020

Today I finally started going up! I am not sure if present lockdown rules allow me to do that, but just getting out of the house and watching all bar terraces packed made me just follow my own rules. I am not gonna stop riding alone to the mounting while people are sitting one next to the other having a beer. Next stop!, the castle on top of the hill :)

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Hello, you definitely have to stay active but taking the necessary provisions. A pleasure to greet.


que es fotin les autoritats home!


Es vergonyos! Surto de casa i la terrassa del bar a tope, ni 50% d'aforament ni hosties. Anava a fer la ruta de cada dia; poligon industrial, platja, etc. i veient la gent se m'ha posat cara de tonto. Si es que vaig sol a la muntanya! Això si,,,,propaganda a tota la premsa amb slogans cutres de "saldremos más fuertes" gastant els calers dels ciutadans. Em poso negre amb aquesta merda de Gobierno. Fotem el camp! 😂


That's a good workout. Going down can be more fun.