Sunday Run - Nature abounds, by @steevc
11.016 km
65 minutes
May 17, 2020

Quite a nice morning for a run. Dry and not too warm. I was trying to decide where to go today and decided on heading north towards Langford. I would see how the legs held out. There is a nice, quiet track that runs from Henlow Grange up to Langford. It leads past a series of fishing lakes. It looked like some people were actually fishing today, but anglers are experienced at keeping their distance. A mass of geese flew over heading for the lake and shortly after that I saw a pair with a brood of goslings by the lake. There were a few people out walking, but not many runners up that way.

I made it to Langford and headed back along by the road. I took a short diversion through the wood where I saw a black squirrel. Then had to overtake another runner, but she moved out into the road (no cars coming). People are pretty good at giving way. Not that I was going especially quickly.

There were lots of cyclist out in their lycra along that road. The good weather is drawing them out and I guess you can cycle with a friend now the rules are relaxed a bit. From Henlow you have to follow the busy road back to Arlesey, but I found another little diversion to get me away from the traffic a bit. Then I crossed the road to take a farm track up to the Mill Pits. On that track I saw a hare up ahead. It kept running further up the track for quite some way until some people were coming the other way and it seemed confounded for a moment before disappearing into a field. The Mill Pits is where the river runs through the remains of an old water mill. That is one of the nicer areas around here. It was there I heard the distinct call of a cuckoo. I have not heard one in a while. It is great to see so much wildlife around. We had a fox in our garden last week, but it left the chickens alone.

My legs were pretty tired by the end, but I managed a quick sprint after crossing the railway. I thought Strava might give me a time on a segment there, but it did not pick it up.

That is nearly 26km for the week and I may pass 500km for the year next week. I am happy enough with that.

Run fast and stay well.

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Still showing decimal time for the current run :) I do not mind going slower sometimes.


Great effort.

Anglers are experienced at keeping their distance.

I like that, I guess they are!


Cheers. I do like just getting out and exploring with the exercise as a bonus. We are lucky to have some nice routes around us. Before I started running I knew a lot less of them.


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Hello, what a spectacular setting to run, always surrounded by nature, how beautiful. Greetings and success in your training.


Nothing can stop a consistent Runner. @runningproject

Reblogged by @runningproject

...and enjoy a good recovery !BEER


We went out for a quick walk yesterday morning as well. It has been raining non-stop ever since, so it is a good thing we got out when we did. We are looking at close to four inches of rain over a day and a half period.


Wow, that's serious rain. Any flooding? Not had much rain here in weeks.