Sunday morning relaxed ride, by @santigs
7.089 km
42 minutes
May 17, 2020

I didn't feel like getting in the mountain bike today, but I did not want to miss my daily ride so I decided to get the city bike and take a relaxed ride around town. I ended up crossing with a bunch of friends I had not seen in quite a while, that's the reason for such a long duration with such a short distance. In the end, I decided to stop by Sunday's Farmer's Market which has started to open again with some social distancing measures. It was great to see the fresh food stands again with al the veggies and fruit.

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This is the first activity you've shared in this distance range! Post a few more, and we'll have some historic data to compare with! Keep getting EXHAUSTED!


That was quite a run, congrats :)

I am joking, of course. You've posted your bike ride as a run.

Anyways, congrats on a good choice.


I realized about the running. I edited the post to change to cycling. Not sure if it was modified.

Thank you!