Not parkrun, by @steevc
8.046 km
45 minutes
May 16, 2020

I have been trying a parkrun alternative course that involves a big hill, but I thought I would look for another that was flatter. A friend suggested a route that was around 2.5km that should do. I attempted that this morning.

It is a little warmer that other morning this week when there was a bit of frost. I gently jogged to the starting point by the pedestrian crossing as you come into Arlesey. After a moment to prepare myself I set off at a pace I thought I could maintain. Going through the underpass involves a bit of a climb on the other side, but then it is more or less flat all the way to Stotfold. This route does not cross any roads, so it should be possible to do it uninterrupted.

In Stotfold I turned up Vaughan Road and was hoping I would be half way at the other end. My watch actually showed me slightly under and so I went a little way around the corner. Running back was a hard slog, but I pressed on. Not having other runners to compete with makes it a mental test. There were some around, but they were doing their own thing.

On the last stretch after the underpass I very nearly tripped, but managed to stay up. I could do without any injuries. I got back to the crossing with no idea of my time. I needed a walk at that point, but eventually switched to jogging the rest of the way.

Strava reckons I did my second best 5km at 25:08, but when I tried making a segment it came out slightly long and so my time was almost 26 minutes. I have removed that segment and will try it again next week. I wonder if Strava does its own measurement and so differs from my watch. If I had not run around that last corner it would have been more exact I think.

I have long hoped to get under 25 minutes, but have not logged an official parkrun time of that. It may be quite some time before I get another opportunity, so maybe I can keep training to get there consistently.

Run well and stay well.

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assesing you i think you must be a good maranthon racer. people who can run long distance are always good in maranthon racing


I've never run a marathon. That's about 5 times what I ran today and a much bigger challenge. Maybe I'll do one eventually, but need to get a move on before my body deteriorates :)


Nothing can stop a consistent Runner. @runningproject

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...and enjoy a good recovery !BEER


Hello, progressively the objectives are being achieved, thus avoiding injuries. Greetings and much success in your training.


This was quick, bravo. And including climbing, tripping, finding your way, ... You are definitely set on a a sub 5/km pace.

Yes, Strava does its own stuff. It recalculates the distance and ascent.


I just keep getting close to 25, but it could be partly a mental barrier. Need to believe in myself :)


Nice job on your times! I am glad that you are still able to get out and do these things despite the current situation. We are supposed to have a nice stretch of weather after tomorrow morning, so I am looking forward to getting out and walking.


They always said we were allowed out for exercise once a day, but now we can do more. Not that anyone is really checking unless neighbours grass on us. Enjoy the nice weather. Going to get warm here again.