Bikes and Beer, by @santigs
17.265 km
56 minutes
May 13, 2020

Don't get me wrong, no, I didn't have a beer before my morning ride. Let me explain to you about the title. It was raining today when I got up. I decided to wait for a while to see if the weather would get better. A couple of hours later I decided to just get on the bike. I don't mind getting wet if it is not going to be a long ride. These days, due to lockdown, I can not ride further away from the city limits and that makes the ride kind of boring. I do a long circle and go over the industrial are and beach. Nothing special in the industrial area except for two or three businesses I will share with you. Today is a little local company that produces craft beer. Cheers

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No one would judge you for having a pre-ride beer mate...Well, I wouldn't at least, maybe others might. Lol.

Us athletes need our sustenance right?