Monday Evening Run With Amazfit Export Issue, by @ervin-lemark
8.013 km
46 minutes
Jan. 14, 2019

Traditional Monday evening run in Domžale along river Kamniška Bistrica.

This was my first real tempo run after the Bora trail event last Sunday. It felt good. It was warm too. I am not accustomed to plus degrees :)

Technical note

The export glitch with Amazfit watch happened again tonight. The last part shows on the app's map yet it is somehow missing in the gpx data file. The file that I am uploading now is exported directly from the watch. Let's see what will happen ...

Check the map on the first screen. Both red and green icon should be at the same spot and the track should continue down the river before turning back up.

The second screen shows that lap data is somehow passed correctly from watch to the app.

The third screen shows that total time is correct too.

I am intentionally keeping the phone info and data on the screenshots to document the time and battery level. I have an inkling that this issue is connected to the battery level of the watch, the phone or both ...

One of these days I will dig out the Amazfit support site and report this issue ...

Better and better

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Two remarks:

  1. I was trying to publish this report yesterday evening and was getting the expired token error all the time - solution: logout and login; the token in question is about steemconnect
  2. Looks like the export to gpx directly from the watch is intact and has all data points. Interesting.


Every day is a good day when you run. Kevin Nelson

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