Lunch Run To The Gym, by
3.075 km
15 minutes
Jan. 10, 2019

Lunch runs are getting pretty hot in Auckland. Summer is a lot different to what I am used. Even though the temperature is not that high in the scheme of things(only about 25) the humidity is pretty high. I have just started adding in a HIIT session on the bike every week. Even though I am doing a lot of high intensity work on the bike, I haven't been doing any specific Spin Classes, which usually gives me some pretty intense bursts of high intensity bouts that I am not currently doing.

The HIIT Spin session is pretty easy, no warm up as I have done the 15 minute run to the Gym, but I would usually do 10 minutes of easy riding. The main session will then be: - 6 x 30 Pedal As Fest As You Can! While still being in control and not jumping around on the bike. - 3 minutes recovery after each High Intensity repeat.

This training session hurts. I actually feel anxious before each 30 second high intensity repeat, so hopefully it will be giving me some good mental toughness as well as some improvement in my riding as we.

For more details on my run, feel free to checkout Strava:

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