Bicycle Roller S2- 40 Min, by @newtechblog
16.019 km
40 minutes
March 10, 2020

Second session of bicycle roller with the same measurements and trying to maintain the same duration of activity. Although I have maintained the objective of pulsations, which is the basis of our training, today the pulsations have been superior to the previous activity.

I stopped twice at the beginning, once for water and once to open the window (temperatures start to rise).

Although the pulsations have been higher they begin to look more homogeneous in the graph and that is a good sign. I didn't think I was so physically bad, the cadence is horrible for the first position of the roller.

Well we will see.

I leave a photo of the sensor that I have released these days and that I synchronize via Bluetooth with my Smartwatch also Suunto.

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