Thursday Track Session, by
7.834 km
64 minutes
Dec. 20, 2018

With the month and year coming to a close there is still time to get some extra personal bests. We have been using the month of December to finish the year off with a 5km personal best and it's getting to the business end of our little challenge. In just over a week we will be back at the running track to see if the month of training we have put in has made an impact and we will have a fresh 5km PB.

I'll be posting with the full details of the training we did in the coming days, and I have actually been just watching from a far in this as I am not taking part...I think this will be something for me to look at mid way though next year after I get my Ironman racing out of the way.

But here it is, back to the running track for another Thursday night.

If you would like to see more details about my run, feel free to checkout Strava:

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