Friday Night Run, by @ervin-lemark
4.221 km
21 minutes
Dec. 14, 2018

Third late evening in the row of running fairly similar double loop close to the house at zero degrees.

I am back posting on @exhaust after two skipped night. One reason is letting others a chance to be featured for the most activities. I'm joking :)

The real reason was that I simply didn't have the will to post late at night after the long days at work. Post to @actifit sufficed.

Well, today I am back with a double post regarding my daily activities, both here and on #actifit.

That's it, friends. I wish you a running weekend.

Better and better

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One reason is letting others a chance to be featured for the most activities.

That sounds like a challenge!!

Oooooooooooooo it's tempting!


Let's call it a friendly provocation :)

Then, it's your choice how you accept it. And maybe act on it ;)


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