Only my second run this month, by @steevc
5.407 km
30 minutes
Feb. 13, 2020

I did the Stevenage parkrun on the 1st, but that was as I had a cold coming on. I was really not up to doing much last week, but went back to work on Monday and so am have at least been doing more walking. I had a day off today as I had to take my son for his driving test (he passed!) and thought I would try a run.

I took it fairly gently and used the opportunity to tick off a few more streets of #Arlesey. I have run most of them before, but not all recently and it is interesting to check out your neighbourhood. I aim to have run every street in the village in the next couple of weeks. It is quite a nice day after a rainy night.

I also checked out the new outdoor gym on the rec (recreation ground). For years we have had some static bars for pull-ups and jumping over, but now we have quite a selection of machines. I read an article saying some of the latter do not do you much good. Some just let you swing your legs with no resistance, which may be better than not moving at all, but not much better than walking. I like those where you life yourself. I also did some chin-ups (not many) and dips on the old bars. There was nobody else around.

I do not feel too bad after that run. I will try to get out again over the weekend, but I am bound to cover far less distance than last month.

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The shape of your run kinda reminds me of your profile picture, but with a long neck.


I've thought about trying to make pictures with my runs, but that requires some planning. Arlesey is stretched out along one road, so limited possibilities for good pictures.


Nothing can stop a consistent Runner. @runningproject

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...and enjoy a good recovery !BEER .


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Well done on getting out :) looks good


That's gotta be a bit depressing. I am sorry to hear about that. I know how much you enjoy getting out and running. Has life just been too busy or has it been the weather that has kept you away?


It's okay. I get bugs now and again and just have to carry on as best I can. This has been a bad one, but if I can run then I will.