Afternoon Run, by @rthelly
13.601 km
67 minutes
Feb. 7, 2020

Lovely late afternoon run. Clear skies, cool temp but not cold, only a bit of a breeze, it stayed light for the majority of the run which i was really happy about. I call this route “the butterfly” because it looks a little bit like one on the map. When I start a run I never know if i’m going to go for 5k or 15k. I play it completely by ear as for me there is nothing more horrendous than dragging my unenthusiastic ass around a long route. After 1.7miles I had reached the point where I could loop back home or add a 5k loop on so i went with the latter, then after that I still felt alright so added another section on. I didn’t check my watch until the end but my average pace was sub 8min miles over the 13.5k loop, my HR stayed down & the run didn’t feel overly hard so all in all a good session. Tired now 😴 Parkrun tomorrow & then a half day shift at work. Have a good weekend all

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