Umpteenth Night Run In A Row, by @ervin-lemark
4.306 km
25 minutes
Dec. 8, 2018

Long day. lots of walking, a late night run on a regular loop around the block.

Will I manage to post it before midnight. Two minutes left ...

running #runningproject #runeveryday #teamslovenia

Better and better

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I did it, two minutes after midnight. I don't know why yet @exhaust kept me connecting to steemconnect. Posting succeeded in the fifth try, I guess.


The day has only 23 hours and not 24, do you know why? Because one hour is booked always for running. @runningproject quote

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Hi, @ervin-lemark!

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Hey hey, good to know 😀

Since I skipped yesterday I start a new series of #share2steem posting today.

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