wu+12x500r1’+cd, by @toofasteddie
9.866 km
54 minutes
Dec. 3, 2018

First 500m repetition run in 1'49" , last run in 1'41" so, from 3'38"/km to 3'22"/km, in progressive scale.

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Hey eddie -- looks like you accidentally uploaded an image in field for the GPS file. For now, I've entered the run manually at 10km & roughly 1hr (inclusive of your WU and CD).

I have to help a friend move tonight, but hopefully I can get some "edit activity" features set up in the next couple days, and we can correct this -- it shouldn't be too difficult.

If you send me the GPX file over discord, I could manually upload that file and add it as the run and the issues will be corrected.



You are fully right! It was too late when I posted 😂😂 What’s your discord username? @mstafford ?

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