Tauranga Half Ironman - The Run Leg, by @run.vince.run
20.963 km
107 minutes
Jan. 11, 2020

After the Ride, comes the Run.

The image above, is from part way through the run where you look out onto Pilot Bay from the trails around the Mount.

Yesterdays post giving you the details of the bike leg

The run leg was pretty awesome after a 90km ride. I started strong to try and push for a personal best but did not have the legs on me. The last 4km was a bit of a struggle. The run is a two lap run around Tauranga, with the first 7km of the lap on flat streets, then the last 4km of the lap taking you around a hilly trail around Mount Maunganui. The first lap went well, but needed to walk a few minutes in the final stages around the Mount.

I did finish the race with: - My second fastest half ironman race. - My fastest bike leg ever - My fastest swim leg ever - A great day

Highly recommend this race and glad it wasn't too hot as it would have been more of a struggle.

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