Five Hills Night Run, by @ervin-lemark
5.29 km
32 minutes
Nov. 29, 2018

How do you upgrade a four hills run from yesterday night? With the fifth lap, of course. Cold, easy, uphill again.

According to the Amazfit app it was -3 degrees Celsius. I don't know from where it pulls the data. It didn't feel like sub zero.

WHen you look at the map, you might notice two tails in the loop. This is because of the last lap when I run all the way to the end of both streets. Since this part is flat, I omitted it from the uphill sections.

Total climb was 118 meters according to Strava and 124 as told by Amazfit. @exhaust isn't displaying this data - yet.

Run you tomorrow, my friends.

Better and better

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