Race Time - Bike Leg, by @run.vince.run
39.817 km
65 minutes
Dec. 15, 2019

Mission Bay Triathlon - Auckland

What a morning. I've been hanging to get racing this year and I was a little annoyed I didn't make it to the first race of the Auckland Triathlon service. I didn't want to mention the second race cause I was worried I was the reason why the swim kept being cancelled.

I've been training hard and feeling pretty good, so was looking forward to see what I would be able to do. I have been running and swimming really well, but was not sure how far my ride had come in the past few months. It was a great ride, even though my second half of the ride was a lot slower than the first, but on a flat course, with nice road conditions and little wind, it was an awesome ride. Hope I can still progress a little over the next few weeks.

It was a personal best for me by just over a minute, for the Olympic Distance, so was really happy to com e away with that at the end of the day.

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Hey @run.vince.run, here is a little bit of BEER from @exhaust for you. Enjoy it!


Congrats on the PB, brotha!


Thanks man, was really surprised