Short day pace run to sauna, by @ervin-lemark
3.864 km
19 minutes
Nov. 22, 2018

Ending the day as it is mandatory for the last five days - with @actifit and #xhaust reports. And also adding promo for @runningproject which is also mandatory.

Do join these three initiatives if you haven't already ...

What to say about the run - short, evenly paced stuff from local wellness down the road and back. Then jump into the sauna. That was it.

Take care, my friends.

running #runningproject #runeveryday #teamslovenia

Better and better

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Hi, @ervin-lemark!

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No matter how high your peak is: what matters is to commit yourself to reach it? @amico

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Hi - I'd love to join you in testing out exhaust.... do I just log in and 'go' ?\n\nNB I'll do so via my alt account @self-track

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