One of those days..., by @toofasteddie
8.327 km
45 minutes
Nov. 18, 2019

Have you ever had the feeling of being better than ever? For me, today is one of those days... It's a delicious feeling of strength, it's like being full of energy... You feel so good that you have the impression that if today would be the day of the race you would have an excellent performance...

but today is not Sunday, it is not even a weekend so, there is no competition to participate in... Anyway, I planned to start the week with 30 minutes of soft jogging and I changed the plan for 8 km in progression along the sea shore, running for sensations and without looking chronometer, enjoying only from myself, listening my own body and mind, observing my technique and weaknesses..

I confess that I have felt as if I was flying, my running dynamics has been excellent, running very fluently and easy, my heart has been beating relaxed, totally aerobic, I have stayed below 160 bpm while flying below 4'10 "/ km during the last 2 km.

It has been fast session finally, less than 35' to run the 8 km distance, in continuous progression, starting at 5'20"/km ending around 4'/km... After all, I have stretched my muscles while gazing at the winter sea...

I didn't want to make it longer, Mondays have to be soft...hard workouts are coming!

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