USO Bike Ride Eastbourne, by @kiwibloke
42.733 km
106 minutes
Nov. 2, 2019

Finally got a good day for an USO ride. We had a small number - 6 Elite riders - 5 Kupe (those training to join the Elite) - 2 Fresh (my tier, we just want to have fun group) - Support vehicle (which usually only follows the elite riders)

So at 8am this morning, the Elite group joined the rest of us (they usually get in a few hill climbs and do some crazy kms while we still in bed) and we rode from the edge of Wellington City along the motorway out to Eastbourne. We did some pretty fast speeds at certain points and there was some concern about us "Freshies" but we held our own.

The USO Bike Ride motto:- The group only travels as fast as the slowest rider!

We stopped of at one of our usually watering holes "La Cloche" where one of the staff members said to me it's not La Clock LoL, Flat whites, Lattes, Hot chocolates all around ...

After the group split and went their own way, I decided to do at least 1 hill climb before I ended the days ride.

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